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MCM (Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd.)

  ATEX Certified Analysers

The MicroView ATEX Portable Hygrometer is like no other! Super-fast, robust in construction, approved for hazardous area usage and with a calibration traceable to National Standards, this is the ultimate tool for rapid, reliable gas analysis in the most demanding spot-checking applications.

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  Dry Transport System

Designed for the LNG industry – portable analysis at line pressure, with in-built dry gas protection

MCM's Dry Transport System (DTS) is an add-on sample system for the MicroView Portable Hygrometer. With an internal dry gas reservoir, use of the DTS is crucial in applications where trace moisture measurement spot-checking is required at elevated sample pressures, and the fastest possible speed of response is necessary.

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  On-line Analysers

Speed and stability gives real-time data for critical on-line moisture analysis.

The MicroView On-Line Hygrometer can sample inert and non-reactive gases. It is ideal for applications where fast speed of response and reliable data collection are important, and the ability to provide audit records is of benefit.

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  Portable Analysers

Fast, accurate & reliable, MCM’s portable hygrometers bring unrivalled confidence and quality of data capture.

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  Self-Calibrating Systems

Developed for catalytic reforming applications in the refinery industry, our most comprehensive analyser system comprises dual sensors and an internal,prime-standard moisture generator.

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  Self-Validating Systems

Self-validating ATEX-rated system for exacting on-line applications

The MCM ATEX Auto-Zero System provides high precision, on-line moisture analysis in applications where levels of contamination are greater than normal and routine servicing is impractical.

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