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  Digital hand held Refractometers

Full range of 'pocket' size, high accuracy refractometers with over 10 models to suit most applications in the field

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  General Purpose Refractometer (GPR) series

Temperature controllable, to both prism and sample cover, by flowing fluid from a thermocirculator temperature range of 5°C~70°C

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  GPR 12-70E refractometer

Electronic heating and cooling automatic refractometer for high temperature applications
The GPR 12-70E is a general purpose model, specially designed to measure the Refractive Index (RI) or Brix of samples of a wide range of temperatures from about 20°C upwards and is especially suited to high temperature measurements up to 100°C.

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  Liquid Calibration Reference Standards

Primary Brix Standards traceable to UKAS, each bottle supplied with a UKAS certificate

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  PTR series refractometers

The PTR range of refractometers has been engineered for high accuracy, excellent temperature stability, reliability and ease of use. The temperature range is controlled electronically using Peltier Cell technology, removing the need for an external thermocirculator, resulting in significant cost, space and energy savings.All versions of the PTR refractometer provide electronic temperature control to extremely high levels of stability at any selected temperature between 15°C and 50°C.  The simple-to-use PTR2a and PTR2aX are provided with a remote control unit for changing all of the instruments' settings.  The PTR46 and PTR46X can be set by the operator to any temperature over the full range.  All versions continuously show the sample temperature on the backlit LCD display to a resolution of 0.1°C or 0.01°C, depending on whether RI is displayed to 4 or 5 decimal places respectively.

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  Single and Dual Wavelength Colorimeters

Three models of ATM X2 colorimeters available, designed specifically for sugar colour measurement and conforming to I.C.U.M.S.A. Method GS2/3-18 (2007)

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  Special Purpose Refractometers

High accuracy refractometer for the soft drinks, fruit juice, sugar, brewing and blending industries

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  TCR series refractometer

Users of refractometers demand an instrument that offers ease of use, accuracy and reliability.  The TCR 15-30 is all this, and so much more that it can truly be said to be the world's most advanced refractometer.  The clean, functional and compact lines belie the advanced optical and engineering technology which make this such a ground breaking instrument.

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  Visual hand held Refractometers

Portable range of 'pocket' size refractometers with over 70 models to suit most applications in the field..... 

Our extensive selection of economic refractometers are used in many industries to make quick and easy measurements.  All models are manufactured from corrosion resistant sateen brass and have rubber-insulated grips, a zero adjusting screw for calibration and eyepiece focusing.

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