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BagMixer® laboratory paddle blender

  BagMixer® 100 MiniMix® P CC® (Essiential)

BagMixer® 100 "MiniMix®", smallest blender in the world, allows sterile and quick blending of small samples. To increase blending efficiency and reduce preparation time, it is equiped with a patented adjustable paddles system.

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  BagMixer® 100 MiniMix® W CC(Comfort and accuracy)

BagMixer® 100 "MiniMix", smallest blender in the world, is now available in Click & Clean® version! New Minimix® 100 W CC now got the Click & Clean® system as well as a side-by-side stop system, to make bag insertion easier; both systems are already acclaimed on the BagMixer® 400 CC®.

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