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  EN 14470-1 Safety cabinets for flammable and explosive products

The new European norm came into effect in October 2004, concerns the storage of flammable products in laboratories. It also only concerns the safety cabinets which internal volume is equivalent or less than 1m3.

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  Safety cabinets for corrosiv

For safety reasons, acids and bases must be stored in safety cabinets in order to prevent any risk of leaks or breakages of bottles.

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  Safety cabinets for flammables

For obvious and safety reasons (fires, explosions, corrosions, intoxications, …) all dangerous chemicals have to be handled and stored with great precaution. This brochure will provide you with storage solutions for your flammables, according to your security needs. No matter what your activity area is (e.g. workshop, laboratory, store-room, manufacturing premises, industrial hall, …), the products can be very flammable or them highly flammable, you must always store your chemicals safely. Do not hesitate to contact us for any personal advice.

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  Safety cabinets for toxics and multirisk safety cabinets

Due to obvious reasons of safety (fire, explosion, corrosion, intoxication) dangerous chemicals, whatever they may be must be handled and stored extremely carefully.

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  Safety equipments for storage and spill control of chemicals

All stored chemicals must be placed above a retention or spill pallet.
Regulations change depending on where you store (industrial area, laboratories, …) and what products you are storing (flammables, toxics, corrosives…).

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  Safety material for storage of pesticides

Pesticides are usually poisonous, sometimes flammable or even extremely flammable liquids and can easily cause pollution. That is why national and European regulations (e.g. EurepGAP, Cross Compliance ...) have been set up to protect the ground water and the environment. In order to comply with the legislation and also to protect efficiently our environment, some fundamental rules have to be applied.

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